Maryam Alemzadeh

Postdoctoral Research Associate
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2-C-19 Green Hall

Field: Comparative-Historical Sociology, Culture, State-building, Revolutionary Armies, Religion, Social Movements, the Middle East
Interests: The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and post-revolutionary state building in Iran from 1979 to 1982

Maryam Alemzadeh holds a Ph.D in sociology from the University of Chicago and was the Harold Grinspoon Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University.

She is currently working on her book manuscript, which addresses the formation of the IRGC as a state-sponsored, yet independent and spontaneous revolutionary militia. The book is based on firsthand research on the IRGC’s first generation of commanders, volunteers, supporters and critics, as they struggled to find order in chaos on a daily basis. Maryam's work revisits questions of continuity, change and institution building through the lens of everyday practices. 

Her research and policy papers have been published in the British Journal of Middle East Studies, Foreign Affairs and the Crown Center’s Middle East Brief series, among other places.